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Before you apply for teacher training you need to make sure you are eligible. Although different providers may have specific recruitment criteria, there are some basic eligibility requirements you will need to meet to become a teacher in England.



  • GCSE English and Maths (Grade C/4+) or standard equivalent
  • UK Honours Degree 2:2+

If your degree is not at least 50% related to the subject you would like to teach we will usually require you to have at least an AS and/or A Level (or equivalent) in the subject. You may be asked to complete a subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) course as a condition on offer.


  • GCSE English, Maths and Science (Grade C/4+) or standard equivalent
  • UK Honours Degree 2:2+

We will consider candidates who need to take GCSE equivalency tests. We accept equivalency tests from the Equivalency Testing Provider.

If you have overseas qualifications you should contact us to check on eligibility. You will be asked to provide evidence of your qualifications and their equivalence through a ENIC (European Network of Information Centre – previously NARIC) Statement of Comparability.

  • School Experience

    Before starting your Initial Teacher Training course we recommend that you arrange some school experience. While this is not part of the eligibility of the course, it will help you to ensure that teaching is the right career for you and will help to prepare you for the training year.
  • Fundamental Professional Skills

    It is the provider’s responsibility to assure that all teachers entering the profession have the fundamental professional skills in maths and literacy in order to carry out their role. Assessments will be carried out throughout recruitment and the programme to ensure trainees are functioning at the expected standard.
  • We are also looking for

    An aptitude and readiness for teacher training
    A strong passion and subject knowledge for teaching and learning specific to age range and subject
    A strong sense of moral purpose (linked to the CLF Heart Values)
    Effective communicative and interpersonal skills
    The ability to reflect, be responsive and pro-active
  • “My class teacher has been amazing throughout my placements. She was like a rock, always supporting me; I am so grateful.”

    Primary Trainee